Our Vision | Thriving whanau, thriving communities.                Our Mission | Partnering with people affected by economic, relational, spiritual or social poverty, supporting them to achieve their vision for their whanau & community.

Our Aims

Building a firm foundation for flourishing.

Our overarching aim is to help parents achieve their aspirations for their whanau, and for every child to feel secure and loved. Our programmes are designed to reduce risk factors, increase protective factors, increase emotional and relational stability, resilience and confidence.

Reaching towards seeing change in every aspect of life, growth towards health and fullness in every area of relationship.

  • Stronger, more trusting relationships between mothers and fathers that overflow into setting healthy boundaries for their children, learning to communicate better and to use healthy, safe methods of discipline – seeing cycles of intergenerational violence broken.
  • Reduction and even elimination of addictive behaviours and improved health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Parents securing employment or engaged in training courses and apprenticeships, and gaining skills in financial management, domestic care and an understanding of early childhood development.
  • An increase in positive community participation both in volunteering and leadership roles, and a reduction in recidivism.

A safer community through decreased crime and anti-social behaviour, a lessening of the social burden on schools and social services and financial burden on the welfare system.

Rongopai House

47 Church Road,
Kaitaia, Northland

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